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End trimming saw OMGA

Type: TR2

code: 25655


The end trimming saw is made in Italy in well known  company  OMGA. This saw is designed for cross or angle cutting of the both ends ot the beams, prisms, laths, strips….

The saw is equiped with the pneumatical fixing of the material. Both saw unit are activated into the cut together by pressing the pedal.

Price without VAT: 1.360,- €


* sizes of the machine (lxwxh)                  3600x1200x800 mm

* diameterof the saw blades                            300 mm

* max width/high of the cut                            150/100 mm

* min./max. length of the final product          280/3000 mm

* turnable angle of the saw units                  -45° – +45°

* dust exhaustion tubes                                    2×80 mm

* pressure air connection u                                 6 bar

*  weight of the machine                                    550 kg


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